Water 4.0 - Monitoring and operational management of water infrastructures

The research group »Process Control and Data Analysis« at IOSB develops concepts and software solutions to monitor drinking water infrastructures (especially drinking water networks) and optimise operational management. This involves, for example, the reliable detection of contamination in drinking water, the detection of leaks in drinking water networks or the prediction of water consumption. We realise web-based monitoring and evaluation systems with our application partners (including Berliner Wasserbetriebe). In the process, customised dashboards and reporting tools are realised that support water suppliers in their daily operations.



Digital technologies and platform for the forecasting and operational optimization of drinking water supply systems.


Platform for optimizing the operation of water systems

The W-Net 4.0 project aims to develop a modular and scalable platform that combines GIS system, simulation software and data analysis tools and meets high IT security standards. 


ResiWater - Secure sensor networks and analysis tools

The ResiWater project pursues the goal of enabling utilities to optimally secure the drinking water supply even in extraordinary situations and to facilitate the restart of the system to normal operation after a crisis situation by choosing appropriate measures.



Tools for rapid detection and containment of CBRN contamination in drinking water networks.



The basis of SMaRT-Online is an online simulation model, with the help of which the actual operating state of the entire supply network can be mapped almost in real time.


AquaBioTox - Broadband sensor for monitoring drinking water quality

The AquaBioTox broadband sensor concept is based on monitoring the vitality of very fast-reacting biological microorganisms, which are constantly exposed to drinking water in a stable process engineering biological process, online using a camera with automatic Image Exploitation to diagnose significant changes.


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