Reconnaissance with mobile and stationary Sensors in a combined System

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Mobile generic ground control station for reconnaissance and surveillance by air, land and water vehicles in combination with sensor networks.

The ground control station integrates various sensor carriers and sensor network nodes. It is a synoptic assistance system that helps to easily collect information during reconnaissance and surveillance tasks and thus to solve the tasks at hand more efficiently.


Concrete tasks that can be processed with the AMFIS system:

  • Monitoring of scenes and paths
  • Localization and identification of persons and vehicles
  • Detection and classification of conspicuous behavior of persons or vehicles Preservation of evidence

Fields of application

  • Reconnaissance in urban environment
  • Convoy escort
  • Indoor monitoring, e.g. in exhibition halls or at conferences


  • AMFIS is generically designed and can be adapted to different deployment scenarios
  • Easy handling of the devices
  • Mobile: it can be easily moved to a site of operation and put into operation where it serves as a supplement to existing stationary monitoring systems
  • The sensor carriers of the multisensory system can be combined in different configurations to perform specific tasks


For the future, networked swarms of such reconnaissance aircraft are conceivable, which cooperate with mobile ground robot units (like the AMROS system).




Scalable concept for autonomous flying transport drones


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