Semantic Models for Knowledge Representation

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Ontology-based knowledge models are being investigated in current research projects for knowledge domains in the field of remote sensing.


The goals are among others:

  • The optimisation of information search in the image evaluation process
  • The coupling of assistance and learning systems

When dealing with complex issues, such as the evaluation of radar satellite images, several assistance and help systems are usually used to support the user in his work and provide him with information.

The aim is to link these assistance and learning systems intelligently so that the work and learning process is optimally supported. This coupling includes, among other things, the intelligent search for relevant information that fits the current work context. For this purpose, techniques from the Semantic Web are used.

A semantic search finds help and learning materials that fit the current working context and are semantically relevant to the search environment.  This means that the search results are suggestions for help and learning materials that are related to each other at the level of meaning.

Ontology-based search index

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