Evaluation Methods for Image Exploitation

Evaluation of sensors, data transmission, image evaluation tools and evaluation processes for the optimization of air- and satellite-based image evaluation.

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Measurement of observer performance

In order to be able to evaluate the image quality of sensors, tests are carried out with image evaluators. Depending on sensor and acquisition parameters such as resolution, frequency range, angle of incidence, flight altitude, the image evaluators have to perform typical image evaluation tasks (detection and classification of objects, measurement of objects). Conclusions about the image quality can be drawn from the observer performance thus found. These methods are used for optical, infrared and radar sensors.

Procedure for SAR-Image quality assessment

In the future, automatic image analysis methods will replace the determination of the observer performance of the image evaluators. Thus the image quality can be determined in the future economically by the application of technical measuring procedures


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Evaluation of Sensors and Image Analysis Components