Technology-based Learning Concepts for Image Exploitation

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The evaluation of extensive image products, in particular high-resolution radar images, is complex. Accordingly, image evaluators require adequate training.

The following image example of a so-called SAR image already shows some conspicuous features from which it can be deduced why special training and experience is required for the interpretation/evaluation of such images.



Training in the context of image evaluation for radar image evaluators can be efficiently supported by concepts of technology-supported learning. In this context, technology-supported learning is understood as an overarching view of all those forms of electronic learning which manifest themselves in different abbreviations and the paradigms behind them.

Some examples are CBT, WBT, CUU, CUA, MAT, as well as a more recent understanding of an integration of both "classical" and "new" forms and media of learning in the form of "blended learning" and "distance education".


Methods of technology-supported learning can then develop their potential if they are implemented in a way that is appropriate for the target group and oriented towards learning goals. We consider the field of image evaluation with regard to various sensors such as airborne and satellite based systems, imaging radar systems and infrared imaging systems.

The individual task and work activity makes special demands on the training. We are happy to provide assistance in this respect - for example in the use of radar images:

  • Strategic intelligence in the context of civil and military security
  • Description and change of location Analyses for agriculture, forestry
  • Disaster Management, Future Urban Security

Work-based Learning