Assuring quality and increasing productivity by means of machine vision

Welcome to the pages of the business unit Inspection and Optronic Systems of Fraunhofer IOSB! You have come to the right place if you are looking for a competent development and innovation partner for technological challenges in automated quality assurance, machine vision inspection or remote sensing, for example.

The Inspection and Optronic Systems business unit is home to all the Fraunhofer IOSB activities in sensor technology, signal processing and image processing that are used for quality assurance and enhancing productivity. 

Our solutions comprise, on the one hand, optical sensor systems covering the entire reflection spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared; and, on the other, IT systems for processing and analyzing signals in real time and, on this basis, providing specific information for people in the workplace or for decision-making in automated environments such as sorting systems. 

These solutions are complemented by a wide portfolio of services, ranging from feasibility studies and process development to practical validation and the building of demonstrators and commercial end systems


Technologies for sustainability:
Food production, recycling, resilient water systems and energy supply

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We address these challenges:


Inspection of complex objects

We develop sensor-based, reliable solutions for the automated inspection of aesthetic surfaces and transparent materials.

Distant inspection / remote sensing

Whether monitoring the growth and maturation of crops, measuring the vibrations of rotating wind turbines, or determining the condition of pipelines and dams, distant optical measurement techniques make it possible.



We offer solutions and new technological approaches for food sorting and industrial quality control.


Sorting bulk goods

Industrial sorting of pourable conveyed materials - whether for foreign object detection in food production, sorting of different fractions in recycling or separation of minerals. 


Optronic communication

Here, the focus is on laser communication in free space and on applications of light field technology, which enables direction-dependent displays.

We bring these skills to bear in solving your tasks:


Hyper-/multispectral image processing

  • Information from X-Ray to THz
  • HSI laboratory (270 nm - 2500 nm)

Multidimensional image processing in real time


Optical measurement systems

  • Deflectometry
  • RetroReflection Reflectometry
  • Ellipsometry
  • Purity and PuritySurf
  • Microlab



Application & consulting

  • Development of methods
  • Modern classification methods
  • Systems and implementation concepts
  • Construction of prototypes
  • ...

Further information about the business unit


“Our technology helps to close material cycles”

Prof. Längle points to the need for a better recycling system in order to achieve the climate neutrality targeted by 2050. Material and chemical sorting, to which Längle refers and which are among the central fields of work at Fraunhofer IOSB, play a crucial role in this.


Equipment, laboratory and experimental facilities

Cooperate with us

Companies can cooperate with us within the framework of funded joint projects or commission R&D services directly - and there are other ways to access our know-how.