Equipment, laboratory and experimental facilities

With the laboratory facilities of the participating scientific departments, the business unit Inspection and Optronic Systems has a wide range of possibilities for the optical characterization of materials, for the research of measuring methods, for the practical development of inspection and sorting algorithms as well as for the testing of new optronic sensor and communication technologies.

Measurement setup adaptive optics
© Fraunhofer IOSB, indigo
Measurement setup in the Adaptive Optics Laboratory
© Fraunhofer IOSB / indigo
BRDF measuring system
Miniatur Schüttguttsortierer TableSort
© Fraunhofer IOSB/M. Zentsch
TableSort, our mobile test and demonstration system for sorting bulk goods

In particular we have:

  • Sliding tables with different illumination devices for image acquisition
  • Experimental systems for sorting of bulk goods (each equipped with camera and blow-out device) of different design and size, namely als
    • Belt sorter
    • Sorter with chute
    • Sorting in free fall
  • Measuring stations for the inspection of surfaces, e.g. by means of
  • Measuring setups for 3D inspection
  • Test systems for transparent materials
  • Multispectral workbench
  • Microscopic image acquisition stations
  • BRDF-measuring system
  • Multivariate Camera Array
  • Laser communication laboratory with a measuring section several kilometers long
  • Test system for optical underwater communication
  • Adaptive-Optics-Laboratory