OSREPORT is a message generator or dialogue system for the interactive creation of messages which have to be formulated in accordance with STANAG 3596 and ADatP-3. The message format used is OSDATAEXREP (Open Skies Data Exploitation Report), which is based on the standard message format in command and control ADatP-3 (Allied Data Publication 3 - NATO Message Text Formatting System).

OSREPORT provides the required functionality and a modern designed graphical user interface for the creation and processing of OSDATAEXREP messages. The user interface of the message editor is dynamically adapted to the message structure defined by the mission file. This flexible concept allows the mission file to be exchanged without the need to adapt the software.

Relevant job data are automatically transferred from the mission database to the message. The hierarchical structure of the target categories is displayed in a data tree whose content is dynamically loaded from a category database at runtime. Target categories can be selected and transferred to the message, the assignment to the ADatP-3 fields is done automatically. Accepted terms as well as entries by keyboard entries are automatically checked for syntactical correctness.

The message can be validated syntactically and structurally, detected errors are highlighted, and quick navigation to the corresponding entries is possible. The message can be displayed as text in ADatP-3 as well as in more easily readable formats. Created messages can be saved and reopened for further processing. An interface to the Oshelp software enables the display of descriptive descriptions of objects.


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