Aerial Image Exploitation System (AIES-RC/CC)

Communication & Control - Order management for aerial reconnaissance

In aerial reconnaissance, a large number of evaluators work together under high time pressure on digital evaluation systems. For the AIES (Aerial Image Exploitation System) of the German Air Force, an "Order Management System for Aerial Reconnaissance" was developed and brought to operational readiness on behalf of EADS / Dornier in close cooperation with Bundeswehr specialists. The concept was then also adopted in a slightly adapted form for the "Open Skies" ground data evaluation station of the ANBw (Bundeswehr Intelligence Agency).

The "Communication and Control" workstation assumes the key position in the management of orders and personnel, in the distribution of the work to the respective specialists as well as in the final inspection and the dispatch of the evaluation result messages to the respective clients. As in a technical control room, all activities carried out at the workstations are displayed with the respective specialists. A list of evaluation result messages shows the continuously updated processing status of orders and the time available. Messages can also be viewed during creation, checked, if necessary referred back to individual workstations for revision, summarised and sent to a management information system. Research functions for quickly finding previous orders and evaluation results round off the workstation.

The "Situation Board" is an electronic display board which is available at all evaluation workstations and is managed cooperatively by a selected group of people. Upcoming orders are clearly displayed with flight information, order and destination information. Through a coupling with flight planning, planned missions are automatically transferred to the display. The display is automatically and continuously adapted to the current processing status of the orders.




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