Command and Control Systems

The Command and Control Systems group comprises the inter-organizational and, if necessary, multinational linking of information and communication systems from the areas of information acquisition, decision-making, mission execution and control. The technical networking aims to provide the actors in the decision-making process with the most comprehensive and up-to-date situation information possible in a task-related manner and to implement efficient and effective processes.

On behalf of the public sector and industry, the group deals with the following aspects of network-centric warfare on the basis of in-depth process knowledge in reconnaissance and related areas:

  • System integration: software engineering methods for the efficient coupling of existing systems based, among other things, on service-oriented architectures
  • shared information space: building by tapping and linking heterogeneous information sources, task-centric input, aggregation, fusion, filtering and search in the information space
  • Business processes/orchestration: semantic service discovery, support for deriving dynamic workflows based on rule systems.

The methodological basis of the group's work is the model-based approach to designing the "enterprise architecture". The derivation of integrative data and interaction models for knowledge representation and interoperable system integration forms the essential basis of this approach.

Projects and products



Multimedia Analysis and Correlation Engine for Organized Crime Prevention and Investigation



Open Cooperation for European mAritime awareNess



Prediction and Visual Intelligence for Security Information


ISR-Manager Application

Resource-optimal sensor deployment planning



Solutions and standardization proposals that enable the interoperability of unmanned systems and their control stations



Heterogeneous unmanned group of intelligent watercraft.
Protecting critical maritime infrastructure from attacks, sabotage and destruction.