MES Consulting

In order to take objective decisions on shopfloor-related information technology, many of our customers require supplier-independent consulting services.


Ranging from

  • communication between system control and the MES level and
  • issues relating to the 'right' software architecture to the
  • integration of MES and ERP systems,

we provide the expertise you need to get your shopfloor-related IT ready for tommorow's requirements.

In this process, we take account of

  • trends in information technology 
  • requirements with regard to real-time compliance
  • state-of-the-art, up-and-coming platforms on the market 
  • access to machinery and equipment using mobile terminals
  • strategies and technologies for security
  • new ways of interacting with IT systems that go beyond keyboards and mouse clicks, such as gesture recognition
  • standards for data models allowing the best strategy to be defined for the MES environment of each individual customer as well as 
  • your specific requirements with regard to the IT infrastructure.  

This will ensure that you are on the right track in the years to come - after all you want your IT to keep pace with adaptivity in production.