MES components and control systems

We design, specify and implement innovative MES components for our customers and realize control technology (complete) solutions that you cannot buy from any system house. Examples are the components of the ProVis family, which are in use at the Mercedes-Benz plants in Bremen and Wörth, among others.

Together with our partners and customers from the manufacturing industry, we develop software and hardware architectures, implement control technology and MES solution modules and support our customers during operation.

Fraunhofer IOSB uses its control systems as integration platforms in control rooms by combining the functions of heterogeneous applications into an overall picture of the production process. Innovative control systems are also characterized by the following aspects:


  • they integrate tools for 3D visualization where the user is overstrained with a pure two-dimensional representation of the process control or the 2D representation is not sufficient,
  • use functions for operating and monitoring systems via common web browsers. This also includes the distribution of web-enabled process control images to mobile devices, e.g. smart phones, tablet PCs etc.,
  • transfer project planning data with the help of standard descriptions from Digital Factory systems, e.g. via AutomationML,
  • support the so-called 'self-organizing production' with autonomously acting participants, who negotiate, for example, which workpiece is transported by which conveyor system to which production plant,
  • use new technologies, from agent technology using ontologies to Web 2.0 technologies to the development of service-oriented architectures for control systems,
  • are to be operated with new forms of interaction than before with keyboard and mouse, e.g. with gestures, voice control, etc.
  • enable the targeted semantic search of information on a subject, e.g. from engineering or factory operations and
  • contain assistance components, e.g. for the concurrent simulation, prognosis and support of user decisions.

How flexible MES can be used for factory floor and plant, read here (German article).

In addition, we have extensive experience with communication solutions based on OPC, such as OPC UA and other protocols.

Plant information systems in operation


A successfully realized plant information system of Fraunhofer IOSB is the evaluation system ProVis.Paula®, which is strictly based on web technologies.


ProVis.Agent® - the first agent based production control system- multiple award-winning!