Control rooms

Of course, our customers also deploy our control systems in control centers and control rooms, where the responsible staff can monitor production at a glance and respond to unforeseen changes as necessary.


Examples of this kind of control room include Neue Warte (new control center) at Daimler’s Bremen-based press shop. In cooperation with Jungmann Systemtechnik, the equipment supplier for control rooms, we took the control center into operation. Our contribution was to provide the control room system and to integrate all the underlying subsystems. As a result, the control room staff can monitor not only the states of coil systems, blanking lines and deep drawing presses, they can also supervise the states of driverless transportation systems, warehouse management and the scrap conveyors monitored by cameras.

The 2008 Harbour Report comments: "The company has purchased a technically advanced control center that monitors every function in the plant from a central location. This enables the tracking of every metric imaginable in real time."

In 2010, IOSB won the Manufacturing IT Award for implementing the project in time and on budget.