Digital factory operation

According to guideline 4499, part 2 by the Association of German Engineers (VDI 4499, Blatt 2),“Digital Factory Operations includes the use of and interaction between methods, models and tools of the Digital Factory which are used during the commissioning of single facilities, the start-up of multiple facilities and the execution of real-world production processes. Its aims are to safeguard and shorten the start-up process as well as to continuously improve the running series production. This requires a realistic representation of individual production systems and complex production facilities and processes including the information and control technology. They can link up both virtual and real components. Based on a continuous data management, Digital Factory Operations uses the Digital Factory’s production planning results and, in its turn, provides data for operative IT systems. When used in series production, the models are continuously adapted to reality.”

One of the core elements is the mechantronic library, which allows machinery and equipment to be assembled from mechantronic components. The components are described in a standard description language by means of geometry, kinematics and logic (control programs). This is exactly what manufacturers of machinery and equipment need to accelerate development and start-up.