SAR Tutor

Educational software for radar image analysis

SAR Tutor is an educational software for radar image analysis. Basic principles of radar technology and especially synthetic aperture radar (SAR) are learned.

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Definition of the task

Spaceborneas airborne SAR sensors record day and night high-resolution SAR images from almost any point on the earth - even with cloud cover. However, a SAR image looks only at first glance like a black and white image of a camera. Radar interpreters, for example in the areas of coastal and water protection, environmental protection, reconnaissance and surveillance, have to be specially trained for the interpretation of SAR images.


Starting from textbook metaphor to various multimedia and hypertext techniques support the learning process. Interactive sketches and animations provide space for exploration of the SAR image underlying properties. This is complemented by an integrated interactive simulator for geometric radar effects. Another key feature of SAR Tutor areexercises. Educationally distributed tasks allow students to check their own learning progress. Image interpretation exercises offer practical examples and automatic positive / negative feedback and improve own assessment of the students learning progress. At the end of the course students can participate in a quiz. Participants of the quiz are listed in ascending order according to their performance.



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SAR Tutor

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