Brief description

Crayons is a web-based authoring and learning environment for the creation of learning software. With it, learning contents with videos, audios, interactive animations, tasks, questionnaires, texts and formulas can be provided on the Internet. A communication interface allows the connection of external programs (e.g. simulators). Concepts and results of e-learning research like adaptive learning paths can be integrated.


  • LMS
  • E-Learning
  • Adaptive learning paths,
  • Semantic cloze
  • WebStart


For the investigation and development of technology-supported learning aids (e-learning), a learning platform must be provided to support the creation and provision of learning content. In addition, provision shall be made for the possibility of implementing new learning concepts, such as adaptive learning paths, semantic task assessments, universal task modules, and for communication with external programmes (image evaluation tools, simulators).


With Crayons, an authoring and learning environment was created which enables the browser-based creation of learning content and its provision on the Internet/Intranet. Various text, media and task modules are available and allow varied and interactive learning scenarios to be created without knowledge of HTML or other web technologies.

Crayons are used at the IOSB to investigate research topics and implement them in prototypes. There are approaches to adaptive learning paths [1]. Here the system checks the learning success of the student and suggests different learning paths depending on the result. Furthermore, concepts for a semantic cloze [2] (cloze task which allows synonyms, spelling and typing errors) and a universal task module are integrated [3]. With the latter task type a task is created via a matrix. The system automatically creates the form of the task from this (multiple choice, assignment, etc.).

External Java programs can be initialised via a communication interface. Results of this program can be sent back to Crayons and processed there.

Crayons supports the SCORM standard for the exchange of entire courses in addition to its own exchange format. Thus it is possible to export contents created in Crayons in such a way that they can be integrated in other LMS systems.


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