System architectures

The "System Architectures" group works in a team of scientists to develop concepts, architectures and software for data and information distribution in heterogeneous multinational networks with special attention to the interoperability of the components involved.

Our work is based on an understanding of the respective domain and the processes to be supported.

The group designs solutions using both established and future-oriented technologies. We are currently focusing on approaches for secure data distribution and flexible modular architectures (e.g. service-oriented and microservice architectures). Current software development methods such as Domain and Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration are used.

The scope of duties includes the conception, modeling and implementation of software as well as the integration of components into overall systems. We attach great importance to testing the applicability of our solutions in real scenarios and environments, often going beyond the development of prototypes. In the case of interactive systems, we place particular emphasis on ergonomic design.

We participate in international working groups and projects in which we investigate and evaluate technologies and develop standards for future technologies, among other things. We present the scientific results of our work at international congresses, conferences and workshops.

The conception, specification, implementation and standardization of Coalition Shared Data (CSD) is the core topic of our work.