Distributed systems

The Distributed Systems group develops and investigates methods and technologies for the control of technical systems consisting of multiple interconnected mobile and fixed components or supporting subsystems. The issues include system design and integration of heterogeneous components - especially sensors and mobile sensor carriers (flying, driving and floating), as well as resource and mission planning and control of autonomous systems and groups. Communication, interaction, monitoring, data acquisition, transmission, conversion, and demand-driven distribution between systems are among the research questions addressed. At the same time, threats and hazards emanating from mobile systems are analyzed and technologies for their detection and countermeasures are developed. 


Products and services

The areas of application range from reconnaissance to property, environmental and disaster protection, aviation and inland navigation as well as maritime applications to drone defense. Our products are continuously developed and adapted to new customer project requirements or domains.



Reconnaissance with mobile and stationary sensors in a network



Software application for route planning for mobile systems