Tracking people on large video walls: Porsche Museum

Short description of the project

Large-scale video walls offer users a variety of immersive display options. In addition to promotional displays in outdoor spaces, video walls are often used to visualize large amounts of data or complex relationships. However, with the possibility to present content on a large scale, the question arises about the possibilities to interact with the displayed data. Mouse and keyboard seem cumbersome here. Intuitive, on the other hand, is a workspace that follows the user in front of the video wall and adjusts the display according to position. For this purpose, it is necessary to localize the user in front of the video wall by means of person tracking. For such a use case, IOSB person tracking has been implemented in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

Video wall as museum exhibit

The video wall in the Porsche Museum serves as an exhibit to present the Porsche story to users in an animated and interactive version. The display initially appears concealed as a honeycomb structure and, at the viewer's position, opens in a circle to reveal the visualization beneath. When several people are present the area revealed becomes correspondingly larger.

The exhibit effect is particularly impressive in that no direct sensors were attached to the video wall to detect users. The purely camera-based people tracking is not obvious to the user with the help of multiple cameras that have been hidden in the ceiling recesses of the lighting. As a result, the exhibit blends seamlessly into its surroundings and provides a consistent user experience.


Interactive Analysis and Diagnosis department of Fraunhofer IOSB

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