Game-based Learning

Education, training and further education form the basis for a successful industrial society. In addition to traditional learning methods, technology-supported forms of learning are increasingly finding their way into schools, universities and companies in order to create attractive learning opportunities for the "employees of tomorrow".

Challenge and mission

The training as an aerial image evaluator in the German Armed Forces is carried out in several courses in which the evaluation of aerial and satellite images of different spectral ranges is learned. The goal is to develop a learning environment to support the courses and to get to know the application possibilities of sensors and sensor platforms. The challenges of a serious game are the acquisition of new target groups, to enable flexible use in the classroom, to support courses and to promote the intrinsic motivation to learn in order to enable a sustainable knowledge acquisition.

Method and solution

For this purpose, the games-based approach was chosen, also called "digital game-based learning". These are learning games that promote the motivation to learn by using the fun of the game to generate learning fun. By balancing skills and requirements, the user is kept in a flow state in which he or she wants to keep playing. Story telling elements and the integration of simulations increase the sustainability of the learning process.


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