Spot-X - Adaptive quiz for your learning content

Spot-X is a web-based, gamified quiz game for any learning domain. It is ideal for learning "on demand" and especially for practicing learning objectives. The optional adaptive component adjusts the level of difficulty for each player individually.

Spot-X - Adaptive quiz for your learning content

Spot-X is a web-based quiz game for learning "on demand". It can be used on desktop computers as well as on mobile devices (e.g. smartphone) in the browser.

The basic idea of Spot-X is to put small, quick tasks in a quiz format and to use gamification elements to make the quiz fun, comparable as a variation of the well-known Quizduell app. From a didactic point of view, Spot-X primarily serves practice purposes, such as repeating and practicing vocabulary using the Spaced Repetition method.

If you are looking for a system with which your learners can have fun practicing learning content "on demand" and, if necessary, create/supplement content themselves, Spot-X could be of interest to you.

Our offer. Your benefit.

Spot-X offers you a modern training concept through gamification that makes learning fun and thus increases acceptance among learners. The difficulty adaptation enables individual learning paths and thus promotes sustainable learning results in addition to gamification.

You save effort when creating or editing learning content by using simple editors, which can also be created by learners themselves if required. The learning content and the simple editors are available to all users via a web browser.

If required, we can execute the creation of content for you, e.g. a basic set of tasks for your field of knowledge, and will also be happy to adapt the task types to your individual needs or create new types.

Worth knowing: Spot-X follows the LTI interoperability standard. This makes it possible to integrate Spot-X into your (learning) system, as long as it is LTI enabled, like for example Moodle or ILIAS.

Of course, we can also create tasks and content for you and your application domain. Feel free to contact us.

Spot-X provides three classic task types by default.

’Multiple Choice’ displays an image or text along four possible answers, one of which is correct. ’Free Text’ also shows an image or text, but the answer is entered by the player using the keyboard. ‘Hot Spot’ displays an image and a list of terms (e.g. federal states). The Player has to mark these terms on the image (e.g. a map).

Tasks can also be assigned to one or more categories. This enables the creation of quizzes with tasks from specific subjects.

Of course, these task types can be further adapted to your needs and the implementation of new task types is also possible. We will be happy to advise you on what is the best adaptation for your application purpose.

Learners play a quiz. Such a quiz consists of a certain number of tasks depending on the selected game mode. Each task has a time budget. The faster the correct answer is given, the more points the learner receives per task. The points of all tasks in the quiz result in a total score. 

There are two game modes: Solo mode and Duel mode. In Duel mode the same quiz is played simultaneously against another learner, in Solo mode learners play on their own against the game. Both modes are further segmented in"Fast game" and "User-defined game" mode. "Custom Game" enables the customization of the quiz parameters.

Spot-X offers you the possibility to adapt the difficulty of the tasks to the learner and his previous performance. For this purpose, an AI component is linked to Spot-X, which observes the player's interactions in Spot-X and derives adjustments for the difficulty of a task. For example, if a learner has difficulties in a quiz, the AI will recommend making the upcoming tasks easier. For example, such an adjustment of the difficulty leads to more or less time to answer the task and/or switching to a different difficulty category. Further adjustments depend on the task type, like in the case of multiple choice tasks, fewer or more incorrect answers are presented.

The ability of difficulty adaptation is optional and can be integrated primarily for the Solo mode.

Gamification elements such as score, time budget, but also achievements (such as "Successfully complete 10 multiple choice tasks in a row") round out the experience, thus supporting the motivation to play quizzes and thus practicing learning objectives.

The content, i.e. the actual tasks, can be created, updated and managed in Spot-X itself. for this purpose  corresponding editors are available in the web interface.

By default, Spot-X's role concept only allows administrators to create and modify content. However, if you want to have your content created not only by your authors themselves, but you want a community approach, this is also possible in Spot-X. Spot-X is configurable so that any registered user can also create new tasks.

Of course we can also create tasks and content for you and your application domain. Feel free to contact us.

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