KI-LMS, Artificial intelligence for learning management systems

Artificial intelligence (AI) - the ability of a machine to imitate human abilities such as thinking, learning, creative behavior or even planning - was for a long time only conceivable in science fiction literature. In the project "AI Support for Learning Management Systems", three Fraunhofer Institutes investigated how digitization, artificial intelligence and BigData can be used in adult education.

In an exploratory study, the use of artificial intelligence techniques was examined prototypically for the Army Command in cooperation with the Training Command using the example of course-based individual training of the Army. For this purpose, possible added values of the use of AI to optimize training were identified and verified through technical testing. A survey of functional requirements was conducted with the Army's key role holders and stakeholders from the relevant mission area. From this, four AI functionalities (learning recommendations, chatbot, adaptive tasks, dashboard for instructors) were derived and implemented in a demonstrator. With the help of an interoperability middleware for service orchestration, a mobile learning application for collecting data and displaying the AI functions, data protection-compliant databases and the various AI services, an AI-supported learning environment was created that was evaluated in a field test with accompanying survey.

Fraunhofer IOSB provided adaptive training tasks with the serious game "Spot-X", combined with the AI adaptivity framework “E-Learning A.I.” (ELAI).  The scientists were significantly involved in the development of an overall architecture for applied adaptive assistance systems and learning analytics, taking into account data protection and IT security aspects.

The results of the study showed the clear added value of using AI in education. At the same time, the necessary need for development and change became apparent. The study concludes that effective technical support of course-based individual training through AI functionalities is possible. 


Fraunhofer FKIE, (Project coordination)
Fraunhofer FOKUS

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Project duration: 01.10.2020 bis 31.12.2021


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