Usability Engineering & User Experience Design

The usability of a product is crucial for its success. It should therefore be considered with appropriate care already in the design phase. Usability always plays a special role where users come into contact with interactive technical systems - a situation that is commonplace today. However, a consideration limited to the user interface alone is not sufficient to evaluate usability. Instead, the design of the entire system must be analyzed and evaluated in its use. User Experience Design methods offer effective tools to optimize the usability of systems and to adapt the "Look and Feel" to the individual needs of people.

A bad user experience can lead to different symptoms and can significantly inhibit productivity in many places. We therefore offer a holistic approach from design to evaluation of new products - iterative and user-centered, e.g. according to ISO standard 9241-210. Based on current findings from research and practice, we accompany the entire development process. We design intuitive products that work reliably and explicitly integrate conformity with existing systems into the development process. To ensure high user acceptance, we use agile development methods that involve the user early in the design process. An assessment of the user experience based on target-oriented key figures and methods is an integral part of a final evaluation and can be used to judge the implementation.