ProDaMi - Data Mining in the Production Environment

The data mining method as a graphic
Workflow of data mining: Interactive process (expert knowledge required) and physical knowledge (e.g. can be integrated via soft sensors).

Short description of the project

As a result of the increasing automation of manufacturing processes and the increased use of sensors, ever larger production and plant data sets are accumulating in ever shorter periods of time, which are currently only insufficiently used to optimize processes. The introduction of previously existing data mining tools into the production environment usually caused considerable difficulties due to the disproportionately large adaptation effort to heterogeneous production areas and communication structures.

Project goals

The goal is to support modern industrial enterprises with automated production facilities, achieving performance optimization that includes the following:

  • growing complexity and networking,
  • high dynamics due to frequent product changes, short product life cycles
  • Large amounts of data available, so far insufficiently used
  • Interpretation and evaluation increasingly difficult and costly

Project outcome

The project used the ProDaMi suite to develop flexible software modules tailored to the production environment. The ProDaMi-Suite provides support for a wide range of process and product optimization tasks, e.g. performance and condition monitoring, quality optimization, product development, variant management, test planning, updating of master data.Real-time capable software solutions were realized for many of these these application areas, which are already being used successfully in the industrial environment (see application classes of the ProDaMi-Suite). This is our offer to customers in the industrial production environment:

  • Consulting and realization of production data analysis
  • Development of customized software for data mining analyses (as stand-alone applications or integrated into the existing IT infrastructure)
  • Support during the commissioning of optimization tools
  •  Long-term maintenance 

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Project profile

ProDaMi - Data Mining in the Production Environment was a project of the department

Measurement, Control and Diagnostic Systems (MRD)

of Fraunhofer IOSB in cooperation with: