"I paint with light, my brush is the camera" - Vernissage on May 23

Karlsruhe /

Hans-Joachim Conrad macht mit seiner Kamera Jagd auf Impressionen. Dabei friert er die Situation nicht ein, sondern zeigt immer Teile eines Bewegungsablaufs. Das Ergebnis ist »ein Bild, das ein wenig ins Traumhafte abgleitet. Auch die FarbHans-Joachim Conrad hunts for impressions with his camera. He does not freeze the situation, but always shows parts of a motion sequence. The result is "a picture that slips a little into the dreamlike. The coloring also seems to be very similar to what the impressionist painters have presented." Art enthusiasts are cordially invited to the ceremonial opening of the exhibition at the Fraunhofer Institute for Optronics, Systems Engineering and Image Exploitation IOSB in Karlsruhe on May 23, 2019 at 5:30 pm.gebung scheint dem sehr ähnlich zu sein, was die impressionistischen Maler vorgelegt haben.« Kunstbegeisterte sind zur feierlichen Ausstellungseröffnung im Fraunhofer-Institut für Optronik, Systemtechnik und Bildauswertung IOSB in Karlsruhe am 23. Mai 2019 um 17.30 Uhr herzlich eingeladen.

Das Kunstwerk »Rhein-Promenade« aus der Ausstellung von Hans-Joachim Conrad
© Hans-Joachim Conrad
The artwork "Rhein-Promenade"
Das Kunstwerk  WhiteDancer aus der Ausstellung von Hans-Joachim Conrad
© Hans-Joachim Conrad
The artwork: "WhiteDancer"

"We are surrounded by beautiful things and possibilities - you just have to perceive them"

Hans-Joachim Conrad has been photographing for 50 years. The photographer and graphic designer, who lives in Düsseldorf, develops various image concepts in which either the type of shooting technique is unusual or the digital post-processing leads to completely new impressions that are alien to photography. He is first and foremost inspired by light. "If the light is as I imagine it, I start looking for suitable motifs. The decisive factor here is which body is formed by a group of people and how the colors are combined within the group.

But what is actually good art for Conrad? For him, it is art that breaks with viewing habits, that shows that something can also be different than it seems at first glance. And works that show something really new for once. With his photographs he wants to express the liveliness of a situation. "To do this, I move the camera during the exposure to create even more dynamics - and to create the optimal brushstroke for my motif. I paint with light, my brush is the camera".

His favorite piece in the exhibition? "That's hard to say, of course, but I really, really like 'WhiteDancer' because everything is reduced to one figure and the colors are so restrained. The other motifs are much more complex in terms of shapes and colors, but I also like these brightly colored ones very much".

From May 24 to August 15, 2019, the exhibition "Impressionist Photographs by Hans-Joachim Conrad" can be visited by prior appointment (Tel.: 0721 6091-333).

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