Visualisation and preparation of reflection data

© Fraunhofer IOSB
© Fraunhofer IOSB
Kundenspezifische Visualisierungen der Messergebnisse

Depending on the spatial and spectral resolution, the measurement of the reflection properties of surfaces can produce a great deal of data, e.g. up to several million individual values in the *BRDF measuring system. The measurement data can be made available to the user in various ways:

  • Numerical in a database
  • 2D representation of reflected radiant intensity or radiance
  • 3D display of the reflected radiant intensity ("scattered beam") or radiance
  • Stereographic 2D projection
  • Stereographic 3D projection
  • Video with a "orbit" of the scattering leg

The measured BRDF reflection data can also be described for further processing, e.g. for simulation calculations, ray-tracing, scene modelling, using mathematical reflection models. For this purpose, suitable models are selected and the model parameters determined on the basis of the measured data.