Global Discovery Server for OPC-UA

open62541-based GDS from Fraunhofer IOSB

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Simple certificate management of an OPC UA network using the GDS

Description of the product

The open62541-based GDS is an implementation of the OPC UA specification of the Global Discovery Server with certificate management. It offers the management of registered applications in an OPC UA network, as well as the management and distribution of certificates and trust lists.

© Fraunhofer IOSB
Structure and components of the GDS. Modules enable expansion with new functions

The GDS is based on the open-source open62541 implementation of the OPC UA standard and is fully operable via an OPC UA interface. 

The implementation is designed to be easily integrated into existing infrastructures and, for example, to be connected to existing PKI structures.


  • Certificate management of OPC UA applications (certificate management)
  • Administration interface, integrated in OPC UA
  • Pull and push management for certificate management
  • Administration interface, integrated in OPC UA
  • Automatic registration of new OPC UA applications

Open source

An open source release is planned for Q2 2024.

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