Patents of the Visual Inspection Systems Department

Längle, T.; Seiffer, D.; Vogel, S.; Reimann, A.:
Lighting device and lighting method for at least one plant

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Li, Z.; Taphanel, M.:
Diffractive optical element, confocal microscope and method for designing a diffractive optical element

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Gruna, R.; Krause, J.:
Identification of one or more spectral features in a spectrum of a sample for a constituent analysis

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Gruna, R.:
Method and device for sorting particles of a material stream
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Gruna, R.; Hanebeck, Uwe; Längle, T.; Maier, G.; Noack, B.; Pfaff, F.:
Method for determining at least one mechanical property of at least one object
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Becker, T.; Bromberger, M.; Karl, W.; Kicherer, M.; Längle, T.; Maier, G.:
Sorting device and corresponding sorting method
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Hartrumpf, M.; Negara, C.:
Configurable retro-reflective sensor system for the improved characterization of the properties of a sample, corresponding method and corresponding use
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Vieth, K.-U.:
Method for preparing a system which is used to optically identifying objects, laboratory image capturing system for carrying out such a method, and arrangement comprising the laboratory image capturing system and the system
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Negara, C.; Hartrumpf, M.:
Device for determining the polarization state by measuring at least three stokes parameters
Publication: 07.12.2017
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Gruna, R.; Vieth, K.-U.; Schulte, H.; Längle, T.; Hanebeck, U.; Baum, M.; Noack, B.:
Conveying system, plant for sorting bulk goods having a conveying system of this type, and transport method
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Schulte, H.; Brode, T.:
Real-time flow-through urine analysis using spectral measurement
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Hartrumpf, M.; Längle, T.; Heizmann, M.; Schulte, H.; Monari E.; Vogelbacher, M.; Gruna, R.:
Device and method for controlling the quality of transparent objects

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Hartrumpf, M.:
Apparatus and method for optically characterizing materials
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Taphanel, M.; Zink, R.:
Chromatisch konfokale Sensoranordnung
Chromatic confocal sensor arrangement
WO 2016000764 (A1), Publication: 07.01.2016

Paul, D.; Burkhard, M.; Palmer, M.; Hartrumpf, M.:
Device and method for optically sorting bulk material
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Taphanel, M.:
Device for optically determining the surface geometry of a three-dimensional sample
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Hartrumpf, M.; Heintz, R.:
Device and method for the classification of transparent component in a material flow

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Beyerer, J.; Taphanel, M.; Gruna, R.:
Arrangement for optical determination of sample, has detector that detects intensity of change in spectral composition in electromagnetic radiation by varying radiation by reflection and/or by transmission through reference elements
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Beyerer, J.; Vieth, K.-U.:
Conveying system for transporting materials, in particular bulk material
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Vieth, K.-U.; Heintz, R.:
Laser light section arrangement for determining e.g. elevation profile of object, has image processing device for identifying and separating laser sectional lines from each other in recorded image, and assigning lines to respective lasers
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Hartrumpf, M.:
Laser scanner measuring system
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