Forms of cooperation for SMEs and large companies

Studies show that targeted cooperation between companies and research institutions leads faster to new products, services and processes. With the 'Enterprise Labs' we help companies to accelerate product and process development. Innovative ideas should be put into practice as quickly as possible, with all aspects leading to actual market success.

Within the 'Labs', employees from the respective company work together with Fraunhofer scientists and developers in a team on a daily basis, thus creating innovations 'Made in Germany'. The employees from the company contribute specific product and process know-how as well as knowledge of the business processes of their market. The IOSB scientists have extensive technology know-how and application knowledge from various industries. Thus, the cooperation produces target-oriented results up to jointly developed business cases with concrete customer benefits.

Research infrastructure and laboratory environments

Our test factories and software testing environments can be used by IOSB Enterprise Labs partners. Among others we have the following demonstrators, laboratories, test environments, etc.:


All laboratories and test fields are equipped with state-of-the-art industrial components so that later applications and products can be tested and improved there under realistic conditions. Our in-house workshop will help you with the construction of prototypes and hardware in order to quickly achieve the first tangible results. We also ensure the necessary confidentiality towards visitors or competitors.

SmartFactory OWL

Karlsruhe Research Factory

On 4,500 m², the Karlsruhe Research Factory offers completely new opportunities for cooperation between industry and science.

IT security laboratory

Your advantages of a cooperation with us

Direct access to the know-how of IOSB staff

Co-design of the Labs

Interdisciplinary teams of highly qualified developers and experienced practitioners work on your specific tasks

Use of the extensive infrastructure of Fraunhofer IOSB

Reduction of time-to-market