Gaze-based Image Exploitation

The user focuses her gaze on the object to be selected and selects by keystroke.

Short description of the project

The research application Gaze-Based Image Exploitation is concerned with how the method of gaze measurement or gaze-based interaction can support work tasks that an image exploiter has to perform in imaging reconnaissance. The focus is on low-stress and performance-enhancing user interfaces.

Sight-based interaction

One focus of the work addresses the realisation and evaluation of gaze-based interaction for the use cases interaction with automatic image evaluation methods for activity detection (object tracking methods, motion detection) and for change detection, sensor control and IED search. Demonstrators with gaze-based user interfaces were implemented for these tasks. The gaze measurement devices used for gaze-based interaction are Tobii X60, Tobii 4C and SMI Glasses. In pilot studies with students and user studies with military image evaluation experts, the low-stress, performance-enhancing quality of gaze-based interaction was demonstrated.


Interactive Analysis and Diagnosis Department of Fraunhofer IOSB

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