Digitale game based learning framework

Developing Serious Games is complex, especially when following the ideas of Digital Game Based Learning. It is time-consuming, a lot of work and expensive. Communicating with professional game developers can be difficult not only because of frequent staff turnovers.
Our Digital Game Based Learning Framework helps you facing these challenges.

Your advantages at a glance:

Cost reduction

  • The modular structure of our framework allows an individual adaption to your budget.
  • The first and most affordable variant is simply to replace the tasks in the mission module with tasks from your knowledge domain leaving you with a full-featured game including an immersive story campaign, cool characters, nifty graphics, great sound effects and awesome music.
  • Furthermore, our framework enables coupling of external third party software. This means you have the option to add your tasks using your existing (training) software.


  • Benefit from our expertise and research in the field of technology-based learning.
  • We support you in developing didactic game design, game mechanics, concept, etc. and managing the whole project development. Aside from support, we can even take on whole parts or the whole production for you.

Task reduction

IOSB may serve as a vital link, meaning you will not have to worry about communication and management of the several game development departments such as graphics, sound, coding, etc.

Our framework in detail

The base of our framework is the Serious Game Lost Earth 2307 regarding content and technology. The modular structure allows an individual adaption of the existing game to your learning objectives and budget. The framework contains the modules missions, story, setting, assets and gameplay.



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