STANAG 4609 Validator

STANAG 4609 describes an exchange format for motion imagery. It is the official format for motion imagery (video data, image sequences, FMV - full motion videos) exchange within the NATO nations. Motion imagery is defined by MISB to be video of at least 1 Hz image frequency together with metadata. STANAG 4609 describes the encoding of the video and the metadata (geographical data) for different usages. This includes the supported video codecs, bit rates, frame rates, container formats, metadata content, metadata encoding and hardware to distribute the motion imagery.

STANAG 4609 Simulator focuses on the mandatory subset of the MISB ST 0601 (UAS Datalink LS) as described in STANAG 4609 ed. 3 and MISB ST 0902.

This application can display motion imagery from file or network stream together with its metadata and stream motion imagery over network.

The tool is designed to verify the correctness of a STANAG 4609 compliant device that produces motion imagery. It assists the user in the syntactic analysis and partly the semantic analysis of motion imagery with focus on the metadata. In addition, we offer consulting services for more detailed analyzes.

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