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Web-based test of AutomationML models

Our vision is that machines and plants can be integrated into an IT infrastructure just as quickly as a USB device can be integrated into a PC - with the difference that the general conditions and requirements are considerably more complex there than on a PC.

The AutomationML consortium is also pursuing this vision with the aim of implementing a uniform solution for a manufacturer-independent data exchange. The aim of the standard is to develop a neutral data format that closes the gap that currently exists between the planning tools of the digital factory and automation planning. The complex data exchange format AutomationML defines a series of rules for syntactic and semantic conformity and limits the use and application with the help of precise textual specifications.

Users and decision-makers are addressed through the establishment of the Cyber Security Learning Laboratory and the networking of the further training courses offered by various partner consortia. The modules are tailored to the needs of industry and public administration in terms of sectors, topics and functions.

In this way, a software-sided plug and work in the production of the future should become reality!

Test your description for AutomationML conformity! This is how you ensure the quality of your modelling and data!



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Wir laden Sie ein, Ihre Beschreibung auf AutomationML-Konformität zu testen und damit die Qualität Ihrer Modellierung und Ihrer Daten zu sichern.

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