Data Transparency with Privacy Insight

Ordering a single article in an online shop, you have to enter a multitude of data. What exactly happens to the data is not visible to the customer. The PrivacyInsight tool is intended to resolf this intransparency.

The process can best be demonstrated in a demo webshop. Here the fictitious customer Alice buys a bar of banana chocolate. To do so, she must provide her name, address, bank details and e-mail address. This and other data is visualized with PrivacyInsight. Alice can see exactly what happens to her data. Where exactly is her data used? Who do they go to? How are they chained? The data streams including time stamps can be mapped down to the smallest detail. This creates a high level of transparency for data processing - in a clear design and with intuitive handling.

Particularly with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the right of the data subject, as Alices role is called in the regulation, have much improved. The aim of the information obligations is to create transparency that makes it clear to data sujects who collects, processes, transmits or stores what data about them. With PrivacyInsight, this goal should be easy to achieve.



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