Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB



The department Scene Analysis (SZA) develops automatic procedures for the processing of multi sensor image data in the network of reconnaissance. The motive force for the research activities is the demand for the prompt availability of data interpretation and geoinformation. Among other things, the department established models for the representation of urban terrain and carries out automatic 3d scene reconstructions. For the efficient processing of large data volumes powerful methods are developed for segmentation, classification, and change detection as well as for the fusion of data captured by different sensors.

The research services cover


SAR image analysis

  • Simulation of SAR image signatures
  • Ground motion determination by means of permanent scatter
  • Building reconstruction from interferometric SAR images

Image interpretation

  • Efficient screening procedures for the evaluation of large data volumes
  • Structural change detection
  • Evaluation of hyperspectral sensor data

3d analysis and network enabled capabilities

  • 3d object reconstruction from image sequences and laser scanning data
  • Automatic instantiation of building models from point clouds
  • Automatic geo-referencing of image contents
  • Image aided navigation