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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Mobile Robotics

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Mobile Robotics

The research activities of the VID department in the area of driver assistance systems and autonomous driving covers the following areas:

  • Situational prediction and maneuver planning
  • Video-assisted and multi-sensory environment perception (sensor fusion)
  • Situation analysis and scene description
  • Object detection and tracking
  • 3D reconstruction and modeling
  • Visual odometry
  • Multi-sensor calibration 


The artificial intelligence "SPARC" for fully automatic driving plans maneuvers that simultaneously optimize safety, comfort, traffic rules and energy efficiency. The red clouds represent the predicted locations of other objects; The green arrow describes the optimal driving maneuver to avoid a rear-end collision.

Link: SPARC Artificial intelligence for situational detection and maneuver planning in fully automatic vehicles in cooperation with Valeo Schalter und Sensoren GmbH


Side pre-crash scenario. Detection and tracking of a vehicle using stereo cameras (right: top view of 3D reconstruction and motion prediction).



Generated bird perspective from three non-overlapping cameras (the displacement vectors are green).


Left: AMROS multisensor robot. Right: Images with a multi-camera setup in the vehicle.



Estimation of the scene parameters and, if necessary, adaption of the algorithms in bad weather conditions