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Motion Analysis and Object Tracking

Motion Analysis and Object Tracking

The movement in sequences provides valuable information regarding the structure of the scene, the movement of the camera, and the properties of objects. By estimating the displacement fields between two consecutive exposures one obtains the so-called optical flow. 

On the basis of displacement vectors in the image, for example, shaky video recordings can be stabilized, image sequences can be generated or higher image resolutions can be achieved.

Since once detected objects rarely remain in only one place, especially in road or monitoring scenarios, the information of the object movement is decisive for the detection of the situation. The tracking of individual objects (tracking) is an essential research focus of the department VID.


Dense optical flux field (the color encodes the direction of displacement of the pixels)


Videomosaic of an aerial sequence





Videostills from trackings. Left: Color histogram tracker. Right: covariance tracker