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Automated appearance based image georeferencing

Single Frame Based Video Geo-Localisation using Structure Projection

Supplementary Material of the Paper "Single Frame Based Video Geo-Localisation using Structure Projection"

The provided data extends the publicly available converging perspectives dataset with textured LiDAR data covering the nothern part of San Francisco including Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Coit Tower and much more.


In addition to the textured LiDAR data, we provide geo-registered features extracted from publicly available drone imagery.

NOTE: The coordinate system of the data is recentered, i.e. all coordinates are relative to an UTM projection minus a recentering translation of ( -544000.05 -4182500.12 -1.45 ) .


Accessing the textured LiDAR data

In order to download the data please send an email to Christoph Bodensteiner. We will grant you access to our FTPS server, where the corresponding intensity and RGB LiDAR files can be downloaded.

The space covered by the textured LiDAR data is split in a set of tiles according to figure below.

Dataset Overview