Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB

Research Topics

Research Topics

The research topics of the group knowledge modeling

Our questions:
• How do I achieve sustainable learning so I don’t forget what I have learned
• How do I increase learning motivation to get the learner excited about learning?
• How do I adapt the learning offer to the knowledge and skills of the learner
• How can I help the learner to choose the appropriate lessons?
• How can I assist the teacher in creating and designing learning opportunities
• How to efficiently generate learning opportunities


Our solutions:
• Use of serious games and simulations
• Use of gamification methods
• Measurement of flow
• Measurement of immersion
• Collection and evaluation of user data
• Use of learner models and user models
• Game frameworks with modular design

Research and development take place in national and international cooperations.


adaptivity, e-learning, technology enhanced learning, serious games, artificial intelligence, image analysis, assistance, aerial photography, satellite image analysis, remote sensing, ontology, simulation, training, education, ITS, learning analytics, semantic web, linked data, virtual reality, intelligent tutor systems


Adaptivity for your serious game or computer simulation - personalize it to your users needs.


Virtual Reality Image Exploitation Workspace (VIEW)


MOBAS is the Mobile Assistant for image exploitation. It’s a mobile app for the Android platform and intelligently provides the end-user with help- and learning material...