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Heterogeneous Hardware

Heterogeneous Hardware

Heterogeneous Hardware

Group Description:

The main focus of the group Heterogeneous Hardware Architectures is the implementation of image processing applications on embedded systems and heterogeneous hardware architectures. Our main aim is the development of novel tools for an efficient programming of different hardware ranging from Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) to Graphics Processing Units (GPU).   




Dr. Thomas Perschke

Konrad Moren

Maria Öffner

Dr. Volker Schatz

Clemens Scherer-Klöckling


  • Synchronized multi-sensor data aquisition systems

    We design and construct measurement setups for synchronized data acquisition from multiple imaging sensors. The sensors are synchronized with a GPS & INS (GNS) system in order to allow joint off-line processing. For  synchronization with sub-frame accuracy we develop methods to measure the sensor timing and latency properties.  

  • Experimental setup for object recognition and tracking

    For the evaluation of novel imaging sensors, hardware architectures and image processing algorithms we are providing a real-time object recognition and tracking system. The modular design of the systems allows for an easy exchange and upgrade of the components. The system is also used for the development of new implementation concepts. One example is an multi-object tracker utilizing the dynamic, partial reconfiguration capability of several FPGAs. We provide system adaptions to use it in outdoor/maritime environments.  

  • New concepts for the programming of heterogeneous hardware

    Many systems ranging from desktop computers to smartphones use different hardware architectures like processor cores and GPUs, forming a heterogeneous hardware system. The efficient utilization of these different available components is a new challenge for software developers. We investigate new concepts for an easy and efficient programming of such heterogeneous systems.  

  • ALMA (Architecture oriented paraLlelization for high performance embedded Multicore systems using scilAb)

    The EU-project ALMA is developing a tool flow for embedded multi-core systems. The applications are provided as Scilab source code which will be efficiently parallelized on the multi-core systems.

  • Measurement of vibrations on rotating wind energy plants
    The IOSB is developing a system for measuring vibrations on the rotor blades of wind turbines. The laser-spot of a laser vibrometer must stay on the blade with a high position accuracy. We are responsible for the system setup on a pan-tilt-unit and the corresponding control algorithms.
  • The MODISSA testbed
    MODISSA (Mobile Distributed Situation Awareness) is the IOSB's realization of an experimental platform for hardware evaluation and software development. We are responsible for the technical setup and the data aquisition infrastructure.




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