Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB

MoViS - Motion based Vision System

MoViS is an internal research project which covers the video exploitation of multi camera systems in vehicles. We aim to prepare the video data in a way that human observers get an intuitive impression of the 3D scene. This can be used either for online navigation tasks or for offline exploitations and comparisons. The more cameras are mounted on a vehicle, the more such an extended representation becomes necessary.


A 3D reconstruction of the scene allows us to generate virtual views in which the observer can navigate.

The project contains the following sub projects:



RobOd MoViS - Robust Odometry Estimation in a Motion based Vision System

  • Monocular motion estimation (visual odometry)
  • Self analysis

MonSter MoViS - Monocular Stereo Vision in a Motion Vision System

  • Weighted, dense depth map either monocular (motion-based) or via stereo

MuSiCal MoViS - Multiple and Single Camera Calibration in a Motion based Vision System

  • Intrinsic calibration
  • Extrinsic calibration offline and online, even for cameras with nonoverlapping views
  • Ground floor estimation and generation of bird's eye views

DiSCo MoViS - Display and Scene Continuity in a Motion based Vision System

  • 3D fusion of all sensor data in a common coordinate system
  • Generation of 3D models, grids and texture mapping
  • Topview mosaics