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Range of services

Range of services


To improve the evaluation of SAR image pairs, a special visualisation techniques has been developed. This method makes surface properties and changes accessible to an easy interpretation.


Adjustment of Loops

The concatenation of transformations features an inevitable drift due to the accumulation of random and remaining systematic errors. These drifts become obvious in the form of gaps appearing in areas of overlap which are obtained by the repeated acquisition of a scene. An efficient method for the adjustment of multiple loops established by place recognition is introduced.


“Train as you fight“ – Be it executive trainings, mission planning, armed or police forces or emergency management: there will come a time when a team will need training to carry out its duties and responsibilities. This training should take place under careful supervision and in circumstances that will resemble the respective reality situations as much as possible. Some special abilities, like retaining the situation awareness when under stress, when facing swift changes of the situation and in unknown terrains, can be learned only through practical training.


Right decisions are results of an accurate, precise knowledge of the situation and a correct assessment of possibilities for action. This becomes all the more critical, the more urgent the situation requiring action is and the less likely a second chance is.


Generating high-precision 3d models of real objects by laser scanning requires many steps, often manual and error-prone. To solve these steps easier and more reliably, software tools - namely sceneCapture for planning and performing measurements as well as sceneInterView for visualization - have been developed.

Algebraic Reasoning

The construction of 3D models of man-made structures can profit from the detection of geometric relations such as orthogonality or parallelism. In point clouds for instance, planar point groups are often extracted and the resulting planes and polygons are the base of the subsequent reasoning process to obtain watertight building reconstructions.

3d Change Detection in Tunnels

In mining and tunneling, a new method for progress and quality control enables to capture and evaluate the excavation and securing in 3D automatically. The method compares before and after scans and detects changed parts accurately.