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Open Cooperation for European mAritime awareNess


Surveillance applications require a high level of situation awareness, which is crucial in order to make proper decisions concerning the current situation. Awareness of the situation or ongoing activities is achieved through the perception of objects in the relevant environment, understanding their significance and predicting their state in the near future. Situation awareness is the basis for the further processes decision making, execution planning and action.

Complex situations in particular result in reduced situation awareness on the part of a decision-maker. This includes, for example, situations in a dynamic environment where numerous objects interact with one another. In a maritime context, this concerns monitoring a large area navigated by ships with illegal immigrants on board or where pirate attacks may occur. The monitoring systems of today offer numerous possibilities for observing objects. However, methods for automatic situation or intention recognition are required (situation analysis), which contribute to a decision-maker‘s situation awareness.


The research project OCEAN2020 supports different areas of maritime surveillance. To this aim, the 42 partners from 15 EU countries integrate drones and unmanned submarines into fleet operations, whereby Fraunhofer IOSB contributes expertise in the field of underwater drones and maritime situation analysis.

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OCEAN2020 - Open Cooperation for European mAritime awareNess

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