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Warning Sensors

Warning Sensors

The research group deals with innovative (warning) sensor technology for the civil and military sector.


Electro-optical sensor technology is an important component for early detection and warning in the protection of people, platforms and buildings as well as the surveillance of facilities or borders. Corresponding systems must operate reliably, autonomously and without false alarms if possible.

In order to meet the most diverse requirements, issues ranging from the ultraviolet to the infrared spectral range are addressed. The areas of sensor technology for detection, signatures of objects, threats and backgrounds as well as atmospheric influences on the performance of systems are examined.

In addition to interdisciplinary expertise, the group has extensive measurement technology and laboratories at its disposal to characterize threats (e.g. propulsion signatures of missiles). The knowledge of specific electro-optical properties of objects is the basis for the conception, development and evaluation of warning systems and indispensable for the execution of simulations and the creation of models. The regular organisation of and participation in measurement campaigns in the national and international framework serves the collection of signature data and effects as well as the validation of models.


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