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Safety in urban enviroments: crowd monitoring, prediction and decision support


Public sport events, cultural fairs and folk festivals attract large crowds in cities. Dangerous situations may occur due to the large number of people. This forms the basis for the research project "Safety in urban enviroments: Crowd monitoring, prediction and decision support", in short S²UCRE. The aim of the three-year project is to provide the emergency services with helpful information for the safety of the event by means of video evaluation and situation presentation. What is special about S²UCRE is that it tries to take a brief look into the future by simulating human movements and thus, for example, to prevent critical densities of people even before they arise.

Research of the department "Interactive Analysis and Diagnosis "

The department IAD works on several of the central components of S²UCRE:

  1. Efficient command and control through the digital map table for a common situation presentation, which contains the location data of the rescue and emergency services in addition to the current situation.

  2. Dynamic software-supported situation evaluation and, in the event of a crisis, decision support systems for planning escape routes and personnel deployment.

  3. Development of an overall architecture according to Privacy by Design to minimize privacy impact for festival attendees.

Project Partners                                                                               

You can find further information about the project partners here.