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Hannover Messe 2018

Hannover Messe 2018

Real-time IT for Automation: Hannover Messe (April 23rd-27th, 2018) is the world's leading trade show for industrial technology. On this occasion, we will present you new technologies addressing cybersecurity, production IT and networking of smart factories across sites and continents.


We are looking forward to presenting you the following exhibits:


Industrial Data Space

Hall 2 / C22, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

Using the example of a liquid mixing process, see the Industrial Data Space (IDS) in action: Sensor data is transferred via OPC UA and our IDS connector. Other users can fetch and process the data if a valid usage agreement is in place.

IT-Sicherheit für Industrie 4.0

Hall 6 / D02(9), »Industrial Security«

See how cyberattacks affect our table-top model factory with real automation hardware and learn about possible countermeasures and our related research.


Hall 7 / D26, SEF (Smart Electronics Factory e.V.)

PLUGandWORK is our concept of seamlessly networking production systems and IT in a smart factory, building on the OPC Unified Architecture and AutomationML™ standards. Let us introduce you to our tools and solutions.

Smart Factory Web

Hall 8 / C24, IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium)

The Smart Factory Web, an approved IIC Testbed co-sponsored by IOSB and KETI, aims to network smart factories across continents with flexible adaptation of production capabilities and sharing of resources, assets and inventory.

Flexible Echtzeit-Kommunikation

Hall 9 / A11, OPC Foundation

A demonstrator with current TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking) hardware, running the world’s first open-source implementation of OPC UA publish/subscribe with real-time capabilities (available within the open62541 project).

Intelligente Automations-Lösungen 

Hall 16 / A04, “it's OWL” cluster

The cluster of excellence “intelligent technical systems OWL” provides the context for diverse applications of intelligent automation and the Industrial Internet of Things, such as smart factory demonstrators or TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking) components.


When to hear our experts at Hannover Messe:





  • 24th April, 10.45 - 11.00 | “Germany Smart Factory Policy & Projects | Convention Center / Room 16 | Lecture in English during the »2nd Korea-Germany Smart Factory Forum« at Hannover Messe | Topics: SmartFactoryOWL and Smart Factory Web | Speaker: Sascha Heymann.





For further information please see the Hannover Messe website.


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