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Intelligent workflow-analysis

Intelligent workflow-analysis

In workflow analysis workflows are evaluated for their efficiency. The intelligent workflow analysis performs this evaluation automatically and in real time. It can be used as a basis for individually tailored assistance functions. If the system detects deviations from the optimal workflow, it automatically adapts to the new situation.

The basis for the intelligent workflow analysis is the sensorial recording of the working environment and the actors present there. Using methods of artificial intelligence, such as markov decision-processes, the recorded workflow is optimized with regard to defined target criteria. Depending on the application, different assistance functions are provided, such as the suggestion of a next work step. In this case, a recalculation of the optimal route to the destination is performed after each work step, similar to a navigation system.

A field of application is the intelligent operating room, in which a surgery is recorded and evaluated. The BMBF project KonsensOP focus on this application. In the field of manual assembly, the demonstrator mAssist was implemented. A use case for queue optimization at passport control at the airport was dealt with in the EU project FastPass.



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