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Assistance System for the Situation Aware Defense of Danger through Unmanned Aerial Systems

Assistance System for the Situation Aware Defense of Danger through Unmanned Aerial Systems

Karlsruhe, 21.04.2017 - Drones do not only serve as toys, they can also be a danger. For example, they can be used for a terrorist attack; it can be at a football match in a stadium. At the Fraunhofer Institute for Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation (IOSB), an interactive and situation-aware assistance system is under construction to counter the threats from unmanned flight systems (UAS). The solution is called »ArGUS« and stands for »Assitenzsystem zur situationbewussten Abwehr von Gefahren durch UAS« (assistance system for situation-aware defense against threats of UAS).


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It recognizes unmanned aircraft (UAS) and generates proposals for safe counter-measures. Thus, emergency personnel can recognize the threat very early, assess the impacts and, after a short reaction time, reach an optimal decision with regard to appropriate counter-measures.

Situation analysis is the most important component when it comes to protection of people and infrastructure. Simulation and prognosis of the possible further development of the present scenario help in the decision regarding the correct reaction. All available information must be taken into consideration, in particular also the legal assessment of the measures with regard to jurisdiction, authorization and liability issues.

Potential targets include large events such as concerts, festivals, demonstrations or sporting events. Critical infrastructures can also be targets, for example, stations, airports and much more. Also increasing is the number of authorized UAS - for example monitoring drones and parachute dispatches - which operate within defined flight corridors. Therefore, the distinction between these authorized and unauthorized UAS is an important pre-requisite for the assessment of the situation. The time aspect in the initiation of defenses and protective measures is significant and is thus one of the main focuses of the research. In the best case, the intervention takes place in the preparatory phase of the attack. Thus, the chance of timely defense is very high and the possible effects of the threat, as well as the undesirable side effects of measures, are still very low.




The ArGUS project started in March 2017, with a three-year funding project by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the framework of the Federal Government's Security Research Program. Project partners in the ArGUS project are the Association for Security Technology (VfS), Hamburg, the European Aviation Security Center (EASC), Schönhagen near Berlin, the industrial companies Securiton GmbH (Achern) and Atos Deutschland (Paderborn), as well as the two Universities TH Deggendorf and Johannes-Gutenberg - University Mainz. Associated partners from the field of application are Frankfurt airport, the security service provider Power GmbH (Hamburg), the LKA Bayern and the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA).