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HEritage Resilience Against CLimate Events on Site (HERACLES)

HEritage Resilience Against CLimate Events on Site (HERACLES)

A Platform connecting sites and people for effective resilience of Culture Heritage against Climate Change

Latest News: Research project HERACLES selected as "Success Story"

A Success Story

The EU Commission regards it as a success story - which is a pleasure for IOSB as a consortium member. The project is HERACLES, a a platform connecting sites and people for effective resilience of Culture Heritage against Climate Change.Please find the Success Story here:



Europe has a significant cultural diversity including exceptional ancient architectures and artefact collections that attract millions of tourists every year. These incalculable value and global assets have to be preserved for future generations. Environmental factors, worsened by the increasing climate change impact, represent significant threats to European Cultural Heritage (CH) assets. In Europe, the vast number and diversity of CH assets, together with different climatological sub-regions as well as the different adaptation policies to Climate Change adopted (or to be adopted) by the different Nations leads to a very complex scenario.

Therefore, the HERACLES proposed solution for the maintenance and remediation of CH assets is based on a systematic conceptual approach, taking into account these particular parameters, but it is realized through a flexible, modular system which can be integrated, allowing its customization to the different user needs and standards.




Usecase: The palace of Knossos

HERACLES main objective is to design, validate and promote responsive systems/solutions for effective resilience of Cultural Heritage (CH) against climate change effects, considering a holistic, multidisciplinary approach through the involvement of end-users, industry, scientists, conservators, social experts and decision and policy makers.

The overall objective of HERACLES is to set up an interoperative operational chain (remote and local monitoring, simulating and forecasting, characterizing, maintaining, restoring, etc.), with the purpose to increase the resilience of a CH assets supported by a decision support system and innovative ecosolutions.

This system will be operationally available for decision makers at different levels as well as to the different actors involved in the mitigation of the Climate Change effects on CH vulnerable assets for promoting concerted actions. As a consequence, integrated innovative solutions and cutting-edge conservation techniques will be delivered by the present project.

Therefore, HERACLES requires research and expertise on different fields such as:

  • user needs assessing,
  • forecasting and modeling of the climate events
  • sensing and ICT systems,
  • designing and development of eco-innovative materials
  • defining new standard operating procedures
  • organization of training and education

The HERACLES team has been built to cover all these specific competences according to the very deep experiences and skills of the individual partners.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation HORIZON 2020 under Grant Agreement 700395.

Further information can be obtained from the project's website as well as from Newsletter 1 and Newsletter 2.