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The IOSB Multispectral Action Dataset

 Action Dataset

The IOSB Multispectral Action Dataset is an outdoor database containing different violent and non-violent actions recorded at a sunny summer day from two different views from IR and TV cameras respectively.

For the infrared spectrum two AXIS Q1922 cameras with a spectral range of 8 − 14 µm (longwave IR) and 10 mm focal length for the 0° camera, and 35 mm for the 90° camera, were used. For the visible spectrum, an AXIS Q5534 and an AXIS Q1755 camera were used for the 0° and 90° view respectively.

The post-processed images have a resolution of 800×600 px for the TV and 640×480 px for the IR data with a frame rate of 25 fps. The dataset consists of ten persons (8 male, 2 female in the age of 31.2±5.7) performing six different actions, namely, filming with a smartphone (film), hitting with a stick on an object (hit), kicking an object (kick), pointing a finger at something (point), throwing an object (throw), waving with both arms (wave). Furthermore, a rejection class (other) was included where the persons are standing without performing any specific action.

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Please acknowledge the source of the dataset in all publications in which it is used as by referencing the following paper:

  • Hilsenbeck B., Münch D., Grosselfinger A., Hübner W., Arens M.: „Action recognition in the longwave infrared and the visible spectrum using Hough forests“, Proc. IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM), 2016